Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whats all that Buzz About?

“Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you.  For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.”
            Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas

Hello again world; welcome to my second blog!

“What’s all that buzz about?”

“If the bees on this planet were to ever die off the face of the earth, the extinction of man would start within five years.”  Albert Einstein, Physicist

There is much debate as to whether Einstein actually made the quote; however, there is ample evidence to show that nearly 40% of grown food [nuts, fruits and vegetables] in the world would be eliminated due to the disappearance or elimination of pollination by bees.  It is not so much that this could cause a financial loss in the economy in terms of billions of dollars, estimated at around $15 billion. What is immediately important is that the lack of pollination would lead to food shortages around the world, and coupled with current global droughts, would make food shortages even worse, leading to mass starvation globally, perhaps leading to death by starvation in the billions of people globally.

This past spring, my wife and I were doing our morning walk along a canal bank that runs for about two miles amidst corn, nectarine, peach, walnut and almond orchards.  It’s a beautiful time of the year in the spring as blossoms are everywhere to view and the weather is just fabulous for a walk.  As we walked, we noticed a number of bees, perhaps hundreds, lying on the ground during the stretch of two miles, some still alive but squirming along the ground appearing to go around in circles.  It brought to mind the news from two, three years ago how the bees were dying off mysteriously, now called Colony Collapse Disorder [CCD] not just here in America, but around the world as well.  We didn’t realize two years ago the importance that bees provided to this planet and the food chain, but having taken the time to inform ourselves, we now see the critical importance.

Two weeks ago, I was viewing a television talk show late at night with book author James Rollins being interviewed.  It was a provocative interview wherein Mr. Rollins or actually Dr. Rollins as he is a PhD, spoke about his novel; the facts used in the novel, weaved around an intriguing story in the style of the author Dan Brown and his books, the most famous being The DaVinci Code.  Mr. Rollins spoke of genetically modified foods [GM], forced population reduction, contraceptives imbedded in GM foods, seed banks, Bio-fuels and why bees were dying.  I bought the book, read it, and came across the section on the bees dying.  He mentioned in the storyline of the novel, of the pesticide Imidacloprid, otherwise known as IMD, which was claimed to be the culprit for the bee collapse worldwide.

I went to the Internet and used Google to search for the “IMD Pesticide” and behold, a number of articles came up so I clicked on a few.  It turns out that IMD Pesticide is in fact VERY REAL! IMD is a Neonicotinoid, which is a class of insecticide that acts on an insect’s nervous system, causing the bees to “lose” their navigational ability and thus their ability to return to the hive, eventually causing the hive to die out.  It appears that this pesticide has been around for at least a decade, since 1996.  But that’s not all.  There is another pesticide even more pernicious than IMD named Clothianidin, sold under the name Poncho.  This Neonicotinoid also affects the bee’s nervous system, but leads to paralysis and death, among other effects and perhaps this is what we observed along the canal bank near our residence.

One of the websites I viewed is which informs the public that there is a current lawsuit [filed 8/18/09] against the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] by The Natural Resources Defense Council [NRDC] environmental group, for covering up the test results of the Neonicotinoid pesticide and refusing to release any information, even under the Freedom of Information Act. The pesticide is still being used by growers in the United States, under the protection of the EPA, and the EPA will not disclose the manufacturer of the pesticide as well.  The article also notes that as soon as the countries France and Germany discovered the facts regarding the pesticide two years ago, both countries banned the chemicals, and as a result, the bee population started to increase again in their respective countries.  The article goes on to state that there is in fact very little research conducted in examining the effects of sub-lethal dose exposure on bees, and that the EPA continues to withhold information concerning the bee-lethal pesticides.

It appears the EPA is hiding behind the emergency provisions under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act [FIFRA] to approve the use of this pesticide in the United States, even though there is ample evidence to indicate that this pesticide is actively killing bee population.  James Rollins has recommended a book for further reading in this subject area titled “A Spring Without Bees:  How Colony Collapse Disorder has Endangered Our Food Supply,” by Michael Schacker.  Mr. Schacker is an investigative science writer and founder of The New Earth institute.

There could also be another storyline developing here as well. As noted in the novel, due to the decline of bees and thus the decline in grown foods, it provides an argument for the worldwide acceptance for genetically modified food [GM].  Monsanto is the perhaps the best known corporation in leading the way for GM foods globally, claiming their GM seed to be resistant to insects and droughts, although their GM corn failed in Africa this year.  In using Google again in an attempt to find independent research on GM foods, I could not find any independent studies performed, outside of those ‘commissioned’ by Monsanto, meaning on the payroll of Monsanto.  Mr. Rollins, author of The Doomsday Key, makes mention at the end of his novel, two references for further reading regarding GM foods.  The first book is “Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of Genetically Modified Foods You’re Eatingby Jeffrey M. Smith, regarding the lax regulations imposed in testing for GM foods, and a second book titled Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl, noting the partnership between the U.S. military and global corporations engaged in GM processing.  I highly recommend this reading for you for your own learning of the subject.

So why am I writing all this stuff?  Well, have you ever read what I have just presented to you in your local newspapers, national newspapers, Time Magazine, in Newsweek or other publications?  Do you see it reported anywhere on the local or national television news stations?  I don’t believe so.  And what is out of your sight and not directly in front of you is out of mind so it doesn’t even enter your consciousness.  To coincide with the declining bee population, world food shortage, would you not find it interesting that President Obama appointed a man as the Science Czar who strongly believes in forced population reduction over the next 40 years?  And it is just not the Science Czar that holds this view but a number of elitist individuals around the world.  Eugenics has been around since the 1930’s and in the current world of events there is talk behind closed doors regarding the perceived over-population problem. 

John Holdren is President Obama’s new Science Czar, the new Director of the White House of Science and Technology Policy.  If you have read Dr. Holdren’s book “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions [1973], and the co-authored book “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment,” you should note that ALL methods of population reduction should be used, including but not limited to forced sterilization of undesirable people, legalized abortions, allowing unhealthy babies to die, introducing contraceptives in medication and GM foods, refusing medical care to the elderly, and so forth.  One would think this is pure fantasy, but in fact this philosophy is alive and well, and being executed as I write this blog.

A very disturbing statement made by the author of Doomsday Key, Dr. James Rollins during the interview and in his book, is that everything written in his book contained facts that were true and verifiable; the weapons used, seed banks listed, bee de-population, cities mentioned, the over population situation, food shortages, introduction of Eugenics, etc.  It would appear that Dr. Rollins is trying to convey a message to the public, the truth of goals and agenda woven into a novel.

The fact is, it is the direct responsibility for us Citizens to make sure that the government is doing it’s job properly in regulating industries that they are responsible for, for the protection of its citizenry, the people, and for the people of the world.  If we do nothing, say nothing, then we bear the responsibility for what happens on our watch.  I don’t want you to take my word on what I have written.  I want you to do your separate investigation, get informed about such matters, and then get involved.

I will have more to blog about concerning GM foods, but that will have to wait for a separate blog on the matter.  There are many, many dots to connect folks, and you will find them here.  I wish you good reading, and until the next blog…

I report; you decide! [God I wish I had thought of this quote first!]

At least this is now in your consciousness for a while…until the next football game, baseball game, etc.

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